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Parlier, the Central Place To Be In California.

The City of Parlier’s GOAL is to work with the citizens and community groups to develop strategies and entitlement processing pathways to ensure the built environment is consistent with the plan policies, the municipal code and compatible with the design expectations of the surrounding urban environment.

Our department is responsible for planning, housing, building and economic retention and attraction for our City. We strongly believe in providing the highest public service to ensure and preserve the health, safety and general welfare of our entire community and those who visit Parlier.

Retail, manufacturing and research industry leaders are discovering just that as they relocate and expand operations in our extraordinary City.
Parlier boasts an entrepreneurial spirit and provides quality services and infrastructure for local businesses to help them remain competitive in today’s diversified economic world. Parlier has built a solid economic base around several major business clusters including biotechnology, manufacturing, general business and medical services. The future lies in converging economic and technological growth with local, regional, national and global markets to balance a shifting economy.

With an Economic and Community Development department staff dedicated to help make business work here, new companies increasingly are discovering that Parlier is the Place To Be Central in California.

If you’re thinking of relocating your business, Parlier is the perfect destination for your company. From our low tax rates and low cost utilities to our affordable real estate market, Parlier has proven its commitment to provide quality services and infrastructure that in turn create a favorable business climate.

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