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The mission of the City of Parlier Public Works Department is to provide prosperous and essential accommodations to the public. This includes safe drinking water, sewer accommodations, solid waste accumulation, recycling and disposal, fleet maintenance, street maintenance, while complying with countless State and Federal regulations which must be adhered to in order to establish public health. The Public Works Department collaborates to provide preventative maintenance in order to establish reliability to the City of Parlier and its citizens.

Our vision is to maintain the City of Parlier community confidence by providing accommodations to its citizens in a safe and responsible manner while maintaining cost effective utilization of resources.


Office Hours: 8am- 5pm, Monday through Friday

Public Works Office is closed Saturday & Sunday and most holidays. However, we offer a 24 hour phone line for Emergencies. (559)646-3700

Domingo Morales, Director of Maintenance and Operations
Public Works Dept.
780 Tulare St, Parlier CA 93648
Ph: (559) 646-3700
Fax: (559) 254-5165