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One of our priority projects is beautifying the community and enhancing the City’s economic vitality with the adoption of the Parlier Downtown Revitalization Plan.

Facade Improvement Program

The facade program is an initiative of the Parlier Redevelopment Agency to enhance the attractiveness and economic vitality of the downtown area. The program will offer grants to property owners (businesses) to provide high quality and well-maintained improvements.

The rehabilitation of storefronts and revitalization of neighborhood commercial areas are goals of the Redevelopment Agency. The facade program may be a multi-year project.


The proposed improvements for the streetscape project include landscaping, signage, pavement treatment, on-street parking, benches, light standards and trash containers/enclosures.

Land Use Planning

A plan for the economic revitalization of the downtown area which determines the most desirable mix of retail, professional services, recreational and cultural components will be reviewed.

The plan will include a master plan of the vacant railroad property, designation of a new downtown Civic Center Plaza/City Hall, restoration of downtown to its historic character and the redesigning of streets as safe, attractive and inviting spaces for the citizens of Parlier.