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Parlier is ideally located on Manning Avenue just 8-miles east of US Freeway 99, 15 miles east of Highway 41 and 62 miles east of Interstate 5. Our prime location and the transportation services provided by all major motor carriers, empowers Parlier with the ability to provide a vast array of transportation resources for the efficient transportation of goods.

The Fresno-Yosemite International Airport is a mere 20 minutes north of Parlier providing both passenger and freight service to all major markets. Deepwater ports are available at ports of Stockton, Oakland, Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Local transportation services are offered by the Fresno County Rural Transit bus system, providing both inter and intra city transportation for residents. Parlier also boasts the addition of the Amtrak San Joaquin Bus Route to its list of transportation services. The San Joaquin provides mixed-mode service, providing a much more practical travel option for Parlier residents.

Parlier strives to comply with our commitment of providing a high level of public and commercial transportation services available to community residents and businesses through the availability of various transportation amenities.

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